1) STRETCH BEFORE YOU GET UP IN THE MORNING —Instead of jumping out of bed, spend a few minutes stretching and twisting your body while still lying down or sitting up in bed. Stretch your arms upward, and your legs downward. These help you increase your height because they stretch the joints and the spine, pull the muscles, and improve your posture.

2) MASSAGE — Massaging yourself after perfoming the exercises also helps
promote upward growth. Massage especially the knees and the back of the
knees, ankles, hip joints, and the base and upper spine.

3) BREATHE DEEPLY — Take a deep breath of fresh air several times daily.
Stand erect and take 10 long, deep breaths. Fill your lungs with fresh,
invigorating air.

4) WALK OUTDOORS — Walking is one of the best exercises for physical
health. Do some walking every day, but rest when you get tired.

5) AVOID SMOKING AND DRINKING — Smoking, especially excessive srnoking,
has been said to retard growth, besides pumping poison into your body and
like smoking, alcohol also tends to retard growth. So, while you are
exercising to increase your height, do away with them as much as possible.

6) BATHE YOURSELF WITH SUNSHINE — Expose yourself to a lot of sunshine
early in the morning. It’s one of the richest sources of Vitamin D.

7) TAKE SUFFICIENT REST OR SHORT NAPS — Rest for half hour after your
exercises. Likewise, rest for 15 to 30 minutes once or twice daily. Take
some naps whenever you can as it will benefit your spinal column and your
muscles each time you lie down.

8) SLEEP FLAT ON YOUR BACK — Don’t sleep curled in bed but lie flat on your
back. Straighten that spine and avoid using a high pillow.

9) STRETCH YOURSELF UP WHENEVER YOU CAN — Several times a day, pause and stretch for a minute or two. It will not only help you increase your heightbut also refresh you.

10) ALWAYS STAND, SIT, WALK, AND THINK TALL — Don’t slump on your chair.
Don’t sag but pull your chest out. Chin up. You will feel better, look
better, and inevitably become taller! Also think happy and stop worrying.
Be convinced that you are tall and still getting taller every day.

11) PERFORM THE TIP-TOE EXERCISE — While dressing, undressing, or alone
in your room, try walking on your tip-toes. And whenever you can, stand
erect, then raise your body on your toes then with our heels as high from
the floor as possible. Repeat till you feel tired. This will stretch your
body and improve your posture.

12) REMEMBER THAT GLASS OF WATER — Drink a glass of water upon arising in
the morning and another glass an hour after each meal.

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