GROW TALLER Food Components Explained

Grow taller food , what to eat to grow taller ?

Nutrition facts can be confusing, so here are some definitions.
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Calcium is one of the most basic ion in our body. It acts as an agent to trigger muscle contractions and nerve impulses (aka action potential). Due to this reason, our body will do everything possible to maintain a constant calcium level in the blood stream, even if it means to extract some of the calcium out of our bones and spines. Beside this important job, it also combines with phosphorous to give teeth and bones their hardness. During puberty, large quantities of calcium are necessary for growth. But calcium intake does not stop after puberty. To stay healthy, you must replenish calcium to prevent osteoporosis, which occurs when your body fails to replace the calcium taken out of your bones.

Vitamin D
Your skin produces vitamin D naturally when exposed to sunlight. Even when sunlight is not available (due to geographic or personal reasons), you can still get adequate amount of vitamin D through vitamin D enhanced milk or cereal. Vitamin D has a direct impact on calcium absorption. Vitamin D acts as a coenzyme in the intestines and kidneys to stimulate calcium absorption. It also plays an important part in bone formation. Do not take vitamin D supplements. While it is not possible to overdose on vitamin D by tanning, vitamin D overdosing through supplements is easy and dangerous. Talk to your doctor before you take any pills.

Sugars are known as carbs, and they are molecules that can be used by our cells readily for energy and heat. When sugar molecules are by themselves or joint with a few others, they are sweet in taste. When many of the same molecules are linked together, they become starch, which comes in bread, noodles, and rice. Although your body chooses sugar as its primary source of energy, your body would convert extra sugar into fat for storage. Like many things, sugar is something you cannot live without, but too much of it may cause some weight problems.

Fiber is a material constructed by many molecules very similar to sugar. But unlike sugar, fiber cannot be used by our bodies; most of the fiber we eat passes directly through our digestive system. Then why is fiber important in our diet? As fiber passes through our intestine, it “massages” our intestinal walls, signaling them to secret digestive juices and create muscle movements. Due to this reason, fiber is essential to successful digestion and absorption. Fiber exists virtually in all plant materials.

Amino Acids
Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins, complex molecules that drive essentially all biological functions in all organisms. Eating proteins is the same thing as getting amino acids. When you take in proteins, your body breaks them down to amino acids. These amino acids are then used to construct new proteins for your body or are broken down for energy. There are only 20 amino acids. Most of the vegetables and fruit contain a subset of these amino acids, while all animal products contain a complete set. Vegetarians can still get all of the amino acids by eating a combination of vegetables and beans. As long as you eat a variety of food, there is little reason to take amino acid supplements.

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