Grow Taller Affirmations

Daily Dose of Grow Taller Affirmations
by William

Each day you can journey from your Alpha (it begins with you) to your Omega, which in the teachings is the point within each of us where our inner spiritual nature meets our outer worldly nature.

It is with this thought I bring to you a dose of grow taller affirmations for your mind and soul. An affirmation a day, makes your belief and efforts to grow taller so powerful whatever program you follow !!! Here are your grow taller affirmation for today :

I am confident in what life has planned for me to grow taller.
I trust myself.
Whatever unexpected happens, I try to make the best of it and don’t let it bring me down. I will continue to gain the height i want.
I choose to face my fears and do things that scare me. This way I expand my horizons and become more and more brave and feel i am growing taller.
I have control over my mind and my body. I am growing taller.
Others can’t speak on my behalf.I myself express my opinion. grow taller
I focus on my body and my whole cells helping me to grow taller.
I look people in the eyes , i am confident and i am tall.
I’m not afraid to approach people and can freely communicate with anyone I meet , i am growing taller.
I choose to live a happy life, to have faith in myself and be confident.
I’m brave and courageous to take action to grow taller.
I feel comfortable in my results.
I take care of myself and look taller every day.
Other people respect me.
I’m independent and don’t need anyone else to feel complete.
I attract other confident people in my life to grow taller.
I don’t seek attention and approval, i am on my sole target to grow taller.

Learning Law of Attraction

Many who understand the Law of Attraction know no greater happiness and results than those that have no idea of this Law. In general, the majority of people with this knowledge are unsure how to weave it into everyday life.

Here are a few common law of attraction mistake and remedies on how to fix them :

Mistake > Trying to reach too high of a goal in the beginning. If you are at a low vibrational level, it can take time to reach goals that are of a higher level.

Remedy > Begin with expectation of 1 inch at first then set higher goal. Practice techniques to steadily raise your vibration. For instance, gratitude, daily meditation and laughter are some techniques you can use.

Mistake > Not paying attention to how you feel. How you feel is an indication as to whether or not you are in alignment with what you desire. If you feel bad, you are out of alignment.

Remedy > Think and feel you are already taller. Imagine it . Walk like you are already taller. Feel and see it. Set a daily timer to monitor how you feel for at least 5 minutes. In your spiritual journal, write down how you felt and the thoughts that were in your head.

Mistake > Focusing on the results not appearing. Putting your attention on something not happening as opposed to believing and trusting that it is happening is another common mistake in practising the law of attraction.

Remedy > If you become more mindful of how you feel, you will observe yourself feeling bas and literally catch yourself in the act. Focus on the results that you want to gain. Feel and see yourself already tall even not before it is realized.

Mistakes > Trying too hard to make things happen so soon. What most people don’t understand is that alignment is more important than action.

Remedy > Be patient. Let the nature handle it for you while you do your best of growing taller.

Have a happy growing taller, fruitful day ahead.

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