Riding your bike for extra height:

Bicycling is one of America’s favorites past times. In addition to its use for sport and, transportation, many doctors recommend cycling for those who want to lose excess weight, develop strong lung, and as a method of exercise for good overall physical conditioning.

In many European countries, bicycling is an integral part of every day life. Several years ago it was noticed that the Dutch people were Grow Tallermuch taller than Germans, even though their diets and general activities were very similar. An investigation lead us to believe the explanation was directly correlated to the use of the bicycle. But before passing any judgment, here are two important facts to consider:

  1. The Dutch keep their torso erect and their legs fully extended, while the Germans tend to slump forward like bicycle racers.
  2. The Dutch keep their handle bars raised slightly higher than the Germans which helps the Dutch maintain a more erect position in the seat than do the Germans.

Now is there any doubt that the Dutch method will improve your posture and increase your height? By using this information accordingly, you can add as much as one full inch to the length of your legs.


The most effective method for you to ride your bike is to adjust the bicycle seat to your own height so that your legs are fully extended and stretched out when in a downward peddling motion. The handle bars should be raised, if necessary, to the proper height as so to compel the rider to keep his or her back straight and trunk erect. Once you have become accustomed to this position, with no discomfort caused by the raised seat, mark the present location of the seat and raise the seat one quarter of an inch. This will force further extension of your legs while cycling and aid in stretching your legs for more height. Move your seat up slightly each time your legs have grown accustomed to the higher seat level. There is no certain time spend for this, use good judgment with each increase. Be sure when stretching legs, that entire foot is flat on pedal, instead of stretching with toes on each extension. Also be careful that you are not shifting your body: from side to side in order to make up for the extended distance your legs are from the pedal on the downward cycle. Guard yourself against these errors in order to receive the benefits of this exercise which, will surely add to your height if properly used.


Note: Each person, based on there own observation, must decide the correct moment to raise the seat another quarter inch and similarly adjust the handle bars. Many will have to be satisfied with only one or two increases, while others may be able to sustain three or four increases depending on the individual.


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