How to get taller by eating more and not get fat if I’m a girl ?

Okay, maybe you’re a little confused, let me explain. I’m 5’4 tall and 138 so I’d need to lose weight. In order to lose weight I have to limit the amount of food I eat per day(although I exercise), but this stops my growth. My question is : how much calories should I consume in order to grow taller, but lose weight too ? Is this possible ? I’d like to get really taller, but I’m ashamed to be fat too.
What should I do ?


well first of all, be thankful that you are 5’4 there are many girls like 5! so your probably need to consume about 2000 calories per day and make sure that in every meal you have a little bit of all groups on the food pyramid, such as protein, grain, dairy, fruit, etc. Another thing to get your fruit make smoothies. Here is how you may make a smoothie: Use whatever fruit you want ( i mostly use strawberries and blueberries) but put the fruit in and add lowfat vanilla yogurt and then add milk, you can use soy milk, because its healthier and you cant taste the difference. i hope we helped you.

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