Mental Exercises To Grow Taller

This  will play a very crucial role in helping you achieve your goals. It is important for you to keep an open mind and review this section. Your emotional state and mental faculty can greatly influence your height.
You need to have faith and genuinely believe that you can still grow taller. Forget about what you read or what people tell you.
Every morning, after getting out from bed, say out loud to yourself that you have grown taller. And every night before you sleep, tell yourself that you are going to grow taller. Your mind would believe in what it chooses to believe and your body is going to react to your mind. Therefore, you need to programme your mind so that  your body is in its best condition for growing taller.
Refrain from measuring your height everyday. Just stick to your plan and measure it only on a monthly basis.You will be surprised to see how much taller you have grown. Your mind is a powerful thing to waste.Scientists say most people use around fifteen percent of their total mental capabilities.
Learning how to manipulate your mind is easier than you think.
Guided Imagery
Guided imagery has been described as creating images in the mind (sights, sounds, and feelings) to increase
physical and emotional healing. Positive images activate the nervous system, sending neurohormones (chemical
messengers) through the bloodstream to specific cells, where they trigger healing activity, according to Lucille
Eller, R.N., M.S.N., principal investigator at University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio.
Guided imagery has a documented effect on heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, brain waves, body
temperature, and more. It can enhance individuals’ general state of health and well-being or used for specific
goals, such as bone growth.
Imagery is the most fundamental language we have. When we recall events from our past or childhood, we
think of pictures, images, sounds, pain, etc. It is hardly ever by words. Images aren’t necessarily limited to
visual but can be sounds, tastes, smells or a combination of sensations. A certain smell, for example, may
invoke either pleasant or unpleasant memories for you.
It is estimated that an average person has 10,000 thoughts or images flashing through the mind each day. At
least half of those thoughts are negative. Affirmations and visualisations are used by athlete everyday. It has
been proven that just telling yourself “I can do this” can increase performance by 5%. Athletes use visualisation
to enhance their performance, sometimes without realising it.
Remember, it is not the thing believed in, but the belief in your mind that brings about the result. All your
experiences, events, conditions, and acts are produced by your subconscious mind in reaction to your thoughts.
Negative thoughts will translate into negative experiences. Stop accepting false beliefs, superstitions, fears,
and doubts. When you do this, there is no limit to the amount of growth you can achieve. Some of you may
think that it impossible to tame all the thoughts that seep into the mind. We can dissolve negative thoughts
through scientific prayer or affirmations. Your prayer or affirmation is answered according to the universal
law of action and reaction.
Create a mental “movie” of your goal. Imagine what it would look like if you were 6’5″ right now. Think of a
fun experience you will have when you are tall, and imagine it in the form of a short commercial. Vividly
focus on the joy on your face, imagine with great detail how mesmerised those around you are by your
stunning new height. Do close ups of the faces, make the entire “movie” in black and white if that is more
dramatic and emotional for you. Just think of the greatest, most emotional experience that will happen when
you reach your goal and focus on that, 3-5 times a day, with affirmations and confidence to see it through.

Your subconscious mind is an incredible power that many have yet to develop to its full potential. Many
people believe that we have a spiritual side and a subconscious side. We believe that our subconscious mind
and our spirit are one. In order for you to truly understand just how powerful your subconscious mind is, you
must first understand and accept that there is no such thing as coincidence. Nothing happens by chance. That
means that nothing is predetermined or meant to be.
Your subconscious mind creates everything in your life based on the messages and info you sent. You are
constantly sending messages and information to your subconscious mind and over half of those messages are
useless or work against you. Then you wonder why things never get better no matter how hard you try.
Your messages to your subconscious mind are your thoughts, beliefs and actions. So if you constantly worry
about not having enough money – you’ll never have enough money. It’s that simple. If you don’t think you’re
capable of accomplishing your goals, you’ll never accomplish any of them. Why? Because if that info is
negative, it will result in a negative reality.
Positive Thinking
Positive thinking is a way of life rather than a momentary thought. We need to learn to develop thinking
positively as a habit. The term state of mind is applicable in so many ways. If you are in an upbeat frame of
mind, things just seem to go better! When we are in a down or depressed mood, things just seem to go from
bad to worse. If you are thinking that there have been times when you thought positively and believed
something was going to happen, but it didn’t?
This is because you probably had negative affirmations or doubts. Some of them may be so old or ingrained
in your thinking that you may not even have noticed. You can go around believing that your life is determined
by silly superstitions or sadistic affirmations, but you won’t grow, physical or otherwise.
Much of what we feel is determined by our mental state. For instance, let’s say you go to a gym. You started
out the morning all right, nothing out of the ordinary- your usual routine. When you get onto the treadmill,
one of your friends walks up to you and says, “You look a bit pale? Hope you are not getting sick!” Up to
now, you’ve not given much thought to how you felt. You thought you felt fine when you got up. In a few
minutes, someone else walks up and says similar comments.
Now you are sure you must not be feeling well, after all people are commenting the same thing! Well, in a
short while, you probably will be pale and feeling sick! The mind is a powerful thing. Accepting someone’s
suggestion that you
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  • Aarav Shah

    I have been in the exact same thing you achieved, I am very convinced that our Sub-conscious mind has complete and utmost charge over us. We control our reality, i am 5’4ft 22 year old male, in a pursuit to increase my height gain and have a prosperous life, in this journey i have learned the art of reality, making a life you want and deserve. As we are all the child of God, or God if i may say. Your website has come to prove quite handy and efficient. I appreciate your hard work and determination, I will keep you as a inspiration and continue my journey in the pursuit of happiness.
    I also want to tell you that, you would definately benifit a course of ‘Vippassana’ Its meditation used by the most pristine buddhist monk which has lately risen to popularity. There are many centres around the Globe you could pick the closest one around you I it is a powerful instrument to break your previous beliefs and start fresh. I am sure you would garner immense tranquility through it.
    If i may, also ask you for your diet and daily routines, and affirmations, your entire regime of this self growth that you experienced. As it assist me by acting as a catalyst in this process by having a regime to follow would also boost my moral confidence. Its not that i don’t have plenty, but its always good to have some more by your side.
    Yours Truly,
    Aarav Shah.

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