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Grow Taller Affirmations

Daily Dose of Grow Taller Affirmations
by William

Each day you can journey from your Alpha (it begins with you) to your Omega, which in the teachings is the point within each of us where our inner spiritual nature meets our outer worldly nature.

It is with this thought I bring to you a dose of grow taller affirmations for your mind and soul. An affirmation a day, makes your belief and efforts to grow taller so powerful whatever program you follow !!! Here are your grow taller affirmation for today :

I am confident in what life has planned for me to grow taller.
I trust myself.
Whatever unexpected happens, I try to make the best of it and don’t let it bring me down. I will continue to gain the height i want.
I choose to face my fears and do things that scare me. This way I expand my horizons and become more and more brave and feel i am growing taller.
I have control over my mind and my body. I am growing taller.
Others can’t speak on my behalf.I myself express my opinion. grow taller
I focus on my body and my whole cells helping me to grow taller.
I look people in the eyes , i am confident and i am tall.
I’m not afraid to approach people and can freely communicate with anyone I meet , i am growing taller.
I choose to live a happy life, to have faith in myself and be confident.
I’m brave and courageous to take action to grow taller.
I feel comfortable in my results.
I take care of myself and look taller every day.
Other people respect me.
I’m independent and don’t need anyone else to feel complete.
I attract other confident people in my life to grow taller.
I don’t seek attention and approval, i am on my sole target to grow taller.

Learning Law of Attraction

Many who understand the Law of Attraction know no greater happiness and results than those that have no idea of this Law. In general, the majority of people with this knowledge are unsure how to weave it into everyday life.

Here are a few common law of attraction mistake and remedies on how to fix them :

Mistake > Trying to reach too high of a goal in the beginning. If you are at a low vibrational level, it can take time to reach goals that are of a higher level.

Remedy > Begin with expectation of 1 inch at first then set higher goal. Practice techniques to steadily raise your vibration. For instance, gratitude, daily meditation and laughter are some techniques you can use.

Mistake > Not paying attention to how you feel. How you feel is an indication as to whether or not you are in alignment with what you desire. If you feel bad, you are out of alignment.

Remedy > Think and feel you are already taller. Imagine it . Walk like you are already taller. Feel and see it. Set a daily timer to monitor how you feel for at least 5 minutes. In your spiritual journal, write down how you felt and the thoughts that were in your head.

Mistake > Focusing on the results not appearing. Putting your attention on something not happening as opposed to believing and trusting that it is happening is another common mistake in practising the law of attraction.

Remedy > If you become more mindful of how you feel, you will observe yourself feeling bas and literally catch yourself in the act. Focus on the results that you want to gain. Feel and see yourself already tall even not before it is realized.

Mistakes > Trying too hard to make things happen so soon. What most people don’t understand is that alignment is more important than action.

Remedy > Be patient. Let the nature handle it for you while you do your best of growing taller.

Have a happy growing taller, fruitful day ahead.




Mental Exercises To Grow Taller

This  will play a very crucial role in helping you achieve your goals. It is important for you to keep an open mind and review this section. Your emotional state and mental faculty can greatly influence your height.
You need to have faith and genuinely believe that you can still grow taller. Forget about what you read or what people tell you.
Every morning, after getting out from bed, say out loud to yourself that you have grown taller. And every night before you sleep, tell yourself that you are going to grow taller. Your mind would believe in what it chooses to believe and your body is going to react to your mind. Therefore, you need to programme your mind so that  your body is in its best condition for growing taller.
Refrain from measuring your height everyday. Just stick to your plan and measure it only on a monthly basis.You will be surprised to see how much taller you have grown. Your mind is a powerful thing to waste.Scientists say most people use around fifteen percent of their total mental capabilities.
Learning how to manipulate your mind is easier than you think.
Guided Imagery
Guided imagery has been described as creating images in the mind (sights, sounds, and feelings) to increase
physical and emotional healing. Positive images activate the nervous system, sending neurohormones (chemical
messengers) through the bloodstream to specific cells, where they trigger healing activity, according to Lucille
Eller, R.N., M.S.N., principal investigator at University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio.
Guided imagery has a documented effect on heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, brain waves, body
temperature, and more. It can enhance individuals’ general state of health and well-being or used for specific
goals, such as bone growth.
Imagery is the most fundamental language we have. When we recall events from our past or childhood, we
think of pictures, images, sounds, pain, etc. It is hardly ever by words. Images aren’t necessarily limited to
visual but can be sounds, tastes, smells or a combination of sensations. A certain smell, for example, may
invoke either pleasant or unpleasant memories for you.
It is estimated that an average person has 10,000 thoughts or images flashing through the mind each day. At
least half of those thoughts are negative. Affirmations and visualisations are used by athlete everyday. It has
been proven that just telling yourself “I can do this” can increase performance by 5%. Athletes use visualisation
to enhance their performance, sometimes without realising it.
Remember, it is not the thing believed in, but the belief in your mind that brings about the result. All your
experiences, events, conditions, and acts are produced by your subconscious mind in reaction to your thoughts.
Negative thoughts will translate into negative experiences. Stop accepting false beliefs, superstitions, fears,
and doubts. When you do this, there is no limit to the amount of growth you can achieve. Some of you may
think that it impossible to tame all the thoughts that seep into the mind. We can dissolve negative thoughts
through scientific prayer or affirmations. Your prayer or affirmation is answered according to the universal
law of action and reaction.
Create a mental “movie” of your goal. Imagine what it would look like if you were 6’5″ right now. Think of a
fun experience you will have when you are tall, and imagine it in the form of a short commercial. Vividly
focus on the joy on your face, imagine with great detail how mesmerised those around you are by your
stunning new height. Do close ups of the faces, make the entire “movie” in black and white if that is more
dramatic and emotional for you. Just think of the greatest, most emotional experience that will happen when
you reach your goal and focus on that, 3-5 times a day, with affirmations and confidence to see it through.
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Exercises to Grow Taller !

Variety Ankle Weight Method

Grow Taller Products

Grow Taller Products

Part 1

1. Stand with the feet about 18-20 inches apart and bear the weight of the body on the heels with the toes turned outward. Now turn the weight of the body on the toes with the heels outward. Stretch the leg as far outward as possible without strain. Alternate and repeat many times.
2. Raise one foot backward and bend toes forward and backward several times.
3. This time, bring the foot forward and twist the toes in a circular motion.
4. Raise on your toes as high as possible, making a few efforts to go still higher.
5. Stand straight up and twist the outside foot outward and the inside foot inwards, and perform a rocking
6. Stand on the heels and roll back and forth and side to side.
7. Bend on one knee, and lunge right to left.

Part 2

1. It is advised to try to do at least 100 (high) kicks a day and then add 100 more every 2 weeks, stressing
more on extension than speed.
2. While hanging, move your legs in the motion of riding a bicycle, being sure to stretch your legs to
the limit.
3. Try walking with high leg movements, like trying to touch your knees to your chest.
4. This next exercise is basically like doing a free throw. You squat down as low as possible, then use the
perfect extension like you’re shooting a free throw, if done right it stretches the whole body.
5. Put one leg on a chair and then jump up, switching legs in mid-air. You basically use your leg strength to
propel yourself.
6. This is a kicking exercise – you kick as high as possible and then without bringing your leg down, kick
as many times in the same spot as possible.
7. Grab a small weight and then bend your knees, now squat and then by moving diagonally, extend
the arms (with the weight) and extend as far left as possible.
8. Now hold the position and return to the starting position and do the same, going to the right side.
9. Now do the exercise when jumping
10. Sit on your shins and then jump to your feet, and as soon as you get to your feet, jump up reaching out as
far as possible.
11. While hanging, pull your knees into your chest and then bring them behind you into your back, holding
the position each time.
12. Pull-ups but you pull up with your head in front of the bar, then go down and pull up with your
head behind the bar.
13. While hanging, pull your legs upward to your chest, then let them suddenly drop.
14. Lateral jumping over an object at least a foot high. These exercises are meant to be done with
ankle weights that weigh around 3-5 pounds.

Part 6


Any forms of kicking exercise including front kick, snap kick, side kick or back kick, to a certain extent
stimulate the cartilaginous portion of your knee. Even if your bones are fused, there may still be room for slight
growth. Do 100 repetitions initially and increase at your own pace.
Kicking helps to grow the shinbones and the thighbones. It is perhaps one of the most hectic and tiring
exercises of all, which helps you, grow taller. If you watch Thailand’s kick boxers, they have extremely long
legs. Almost all kick boxers have legs an inch or two longer than usual. You need a stable surface and maybe
a pillar or something similar to support yourself and stand while kicking. A kicking bag is very highly
recommended. Do not put ankle weights, shoes, or other heavy objects on your feet. Make sure there is ample
fresh air in the exercising area.

Start by cycling for 15 – 20 minutes or doing leg rises for 5 minutes to loosen up your muscles. Once you have
warmed up, start the routine. It consists of 1000 kicks on each leg in one day. So you are doing 1000 on left leg,
and 1000 on the right leg. Break up your schedule to workout about half an hour in the morning and half an
hour before bed. We suggest doing 20 reps on left leg, and immediately doing 20 on the right and then pause
for 30 seconds after each 100 kicks. You will simply perform quick snap kicks and try to keep your feet near
the floor.

Do not try to move your shin only. When you kick, let your shin move and try to ‘extend’ out your thighbone.
The reason you should extend out your thigh bone, is because 1000 kicks put enormous stress on the knee
joint. Instead, try to kick the shin and just milliseconds before the shin gets locked, extend out your thigh bone
to absorb the shock. It will definitely feel weird at first, but after two to three months it will become second



Swinging on a height vertical bar can increase your height by itself by 1 even 2 inches. With hanging exercises,
gravity would help pull your spine to elongate it. These exercises will strengthen the wrists, arms, and
shoulders. It will also stretch and lengthen the entire spine.

1. Bar Hang

Bar hang onto a horizontal bar with both your feet off the ground for as long as possible. Start with 20 seconds and
increase as your arms grow stronger.
– Latch onto the nearest pull up bar just before you put on your ankle weights. Grab the bar with both hands
so your thumbs are touching each other and your palms are facing away from you.
– Let your body hang completely straight, with your toes pointing to the floor. (If the bar is too low, bend
your knees until your feet clear the floor.)

Bar Hang

Part 6


– Put your head between your arms so your ears are in front of your biceps, and try to squeeze your shoulder
blades together.

– Hang for 10 seconds, drop off the bar and take a 10-second breather, then hang for 10 seconds again.
– Increase your hang time after a few sessions to 20 seconds with a 15-second break.
– Basically try to stretch on the bar for around 5-10mins. Take a break if you feel tired.

2. Hanging Knee-ups

– Stand under a chin-up bar.
– Grasp the bar, hands almost touching, fingers facing forward.
– Your arms and body is fully extended. Exhale and bring your knees to your chest.
– Do not swing your legs up or use any momentum. Lift your knees up slowly and with control.
– Count to two and then inhale as you slowly bring your knees down.
– Once you are hanging fully extended, repeat the exercise as many times as you can in 1 minute.
– Return to standing position and shake your arms. Rest for 20-30 seconds.
– Repeat 3 more times.

Hanging Knee-ups

3. Hanging Twist

– Stand under a chin-up bar.
– Grasp the bar, hands almost touching, fingers facing forward.
– Using your legs for momentum, slowly start twisting side-to-side.
– Twist in a gentle and controlled manner.
– Keep your head stationary at all times.
– Perform as many twists as you can in 1 minute.
– Return to standing position and shake your arms. Rest for 20-30 seconds.
– Repeat 3 more times.


1) STRETCH BEFORE YOU GET UP IN THE MORNING — Instead of jumping out of
bed, spend a few minutes stretching and twisting your body while still lying
down or sitting up in bed. Stretch your arms upward, and your legs
downward. These help you increase your height because they stretch the
joints and the spine, pull the muscles, and improve your posture.
2) MASSAGE — Massaging yourself after perfoming the exercises also helps
promote upward growth. Massage especially the knees and the back of the
knees, ankles, hip joints, and the base and upper spine.
3) BREATHE DEEPLY — Take a deep breath of fresh air several times daily.
Stand erect and take 10 long, deep breaths. Fill your lungs with fresh,
invigorating air.
4) WALK OUTDOORS — Walking is one of the best exercises for physical
health. Do some walking every day, but rest when you get tired.
5) AVOID SMOKING AND DRINKING — Smoking, especially excessive srnoking,
has been said to retard growth, besides pumping poison into your body and
like smoking, alcohol also tends to retard growth. So, while you are
exercising to increase your height, do away with them as much as possible.
6) BATHE YOURSELF WITH SUNSHINE — Expose yourself to a lot of sunshine
early in the morning. It’s one of the richest sources of Vitamin D.
7) TAKE SUFFICIENT REST OR SHORT NAPS — Rest for half hour after your
exercises. Likewise, rest for 15 to 30 minutes once or twice daily. Take
some naps whenever you can as it will benefit your spinal column and your
muscles each time you lie down.
8) SLEEP FLAT ON YOUR BACK — Don’t sleep curled in bed but lie flat on your
back. Straighten that spine and avoid using a high pillow.
9) STRETCH YOURSELF UP WHENEVER YOU CAN — Several times a day, pause and
stretch for a minute or two. It will not only help you increase your height
but also refresh you.
10) ALWAYS STAND, SIT, WALK, AND THINK TALL — Don’t slump on your chair.
Don’t sag but pull your chest out. Chin up. You will feel better, look
better, and inevitably become taller! Also think happy and stop worrying.
Be convinced that you are tall and still getting taller every day.
11) PERFORM THE TIP-TOE EXERCISE — While dressing, undressing, or alone
in your room, try walking on your tip-toes. And whenever you can, stand
erect, then raise your body on your toes then with our heels as high from
the floor as possible. Repeat till you feel tired. This will stretch your
body and improve your posture.
12) REMEMBER THAT GLASS OF WATER — Drink a glass of water upon arising in
the morning and another glass an hour after each meal.