7 Simple Exercises To Improve Your Posture

posture correctionYour body often gets strained and fatigued when you have been in one position for too long especially when you are using your computer. This can usually translate into back aches, neck and shoulder strains, blurred vision, head aches and a host of other issues. This is especially common place in situations where a person does not observe good posture and for this reason it is vital that you always know how to improve posture. This will not only help you feel less strained and fatigued but will also help you get more positive results while working on your computer because you will always be working at your best.

Let’s take a look at how to improve posture:

The key to improving posture is good posture exercises. Posture exercises are a series of short routines in which certain specific areas of the body are exercised to relieve tension. Unlike the regular exercises, one doesn’t necessarily need a whole lot of space to carry out these exercises. Some of them are so simple they could be even be done sitting down or just standing up. Yet as simple as they are, these posture exercises are quite effective in alleviating most of the symptoms that result from poor posture.

Here are a few good posture exercises that you could try out regularly to your benefit:

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

This is quite simple as you just need to be seated with your palms placed on top of your thighs. Slowly then, you move your shoulders backwards as you try to squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Neck Stretch

Extend your neck forward as far as possible the push it back again. Do this a few times in a delicate rhythm while also turning your head from side to side. It is also important that you don’t over do this exercise as you will be more likely to harm yourself.

Arm Exercise

Put your elbow directly in front of you and touch your hands to shoulders. Stretch your hands out in front of you then pull them back to your shoulder while constantly keeping your elbows straight and parallel. Repeat about 5-10 times.

Wrist/Ankle twirl

This can be used to exercise both ankles and wrists and simply involves moving your hands and feet in slow smooth circular directions about the wrists and ankles respectively. Do this in one direction and then repeat an equal number of times in the other direction.

Chest Squeeze

This is much like the shoulder blade squeeze but done in the opposite direction.


Stand at the tip of your toes and slowly squat up and down to exercise your calves.

For the eyes

Rub your hands together until they are warm then gently cup them over your eyes without applying pressure.

Remember that good posture exercises are a vital part of healthy living.

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