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How To Have Good Posture

If you spend most of your day at the office seated in front of a computer then you can probably appreciate that it is not always the pain free experience that we have been led to believe and at times it may even feel like just a few hours in front of your computer beats a whole day of working out in the gym except you don‘t even feel remotely healthier as a result of this. The main cause of such experiences is the fact that most computer users don’t observe good computer posture while using computers.

These strains and aches are easily resolved when a computer user chooses to observe good computer posture whenever they are using the computer. So, what is good computer posture? This is simply a way of using a computer in which all the body parts are at their natural angles and positions. This will enable your body to be able to support its own weight comfortably. Here are a few good posture tips to get you started:

– Position of the eyes: Your chair should be at a height that ensures your eyes always level with top of the screen.

– Knees and foot placement: Your knees should always be lower than your hip joints and your feet should always be flat on the ground, never tucked under the chair or apart.

– Back and Neck Positioning: Always recline the chair at angle of between 100 to 110 degrees. This is especially important as back problems are some of the most common results of bad posture. Never shift your neck downwards or strain forward towards the computer screen. Along with back problems, neck strains have also been a major issue.

– Lighting: Never use the computer in low or dimmed lighting conditions: This is one of the most flaunted rules and that is why eye strains and headaches are common place with computer users.

N/B: As a general rule, along with correct posture, taking regular breaks from the computer is also highly recommended as it enables the body to regularly readjust itself in preparation for the next session.

When the above good posture tips are followed as a required, using your computer could literally feel like a brand new experience and could even inspire better work out of you because research has proven that proper computer posture is one of the small things that can have a huge impact on productivity in the work place.

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