How to use Super-growth ?

Spray one pump on your left hand, then (for your upper back)  lift your left supergrowth
hand over your left shoulder and start rubbing few inches below your neck. Rub
it in a left & right and up & down direction (as far as your hand can reach).
About ten seconds later, Place your left hand behind your back and try to
finish rubbing the rest of your upper back area again in a left-right &
up-down motion. Sometimes just to be safe, also try to rub your middle back
area too.
For your lower back, spray one pump on your  left hand, then  start from your
middle back area and then rub between your upper and lower oblique muscle
areas in a left-right/up-down motion.
For your feet,  again spray one pump on your left hand, then put it on the
outside of your toes (including your toenails and cuticles), then rub it under
your toes, inbetween your toes, over your toes, and whatever is left, try to
spread it over the rest of your feet as much as possible.
For your outer and inner elbows,  do your right arm in the beginning and then
your left arm last. Same goes with your knees.
the order of application does not make any difference, And
spend at least 15-30 seconds applying it on each area. Once you finish applying
it,  set a timer for 10 minutes and wait. When the timer is done, go wash
your hands and feet, then go to bed.

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