Grow Taller


What types of foods make you grow taller?

Does anyone know what foods make you grow taller? What foods should I avoid that prevent human growth?

I don’t think there is a food that makes you taller however, I heard that calcium improves your bones it might make you tall

What are some tips so I can grow taller?

i’m a female..14 years old. Im currently 5’2″..or 5’3″
I really wish i can be 5’5″ or 5’6″. I’m asian, so that might hinder me
i mean, my goal is do-able
what are some tips..some healthy ways for me grow taller?

Girls can grow until they are 16 – 18.
Eat properly and take exercise.
Also eat tryptophan rich foods…
Tryptophan is a routine constituent of most protein-based foods or dietary proteins. It is particularly plentiful in
chocolate, oats, dried dates, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, red meat, eggs, fish, poultry, sesame, chickpeas, sunflower
seeds, pumpkin seeds, spirulina, and peanuts.

Tryptophan is an amino acid that is converted to serotonin, which increases HGH (Human Growth Hormone) during sleep.

And that’s about it. You will grow as tall and as quickly as your genes dictate. Fixed for ever at the moment of conception.
All that can disrupt this is severe illness or severe malnutrition in childhood.

You will grow so much by exercicing and eating right and drinking alot of milk 🙂 once your growth plates are fused you can
use Super-Growth to regenrate your bones and grow taller and also you can Super-Growth Height Enhancer to keep your bones
open longer.

How tall do you think I’ll stop growing? Also how to grow taller?

I just turned 13 on March 5th and i’m 4’10” ( I know im short) Also I’ve been trying to grow taller by being more active and
drinking more milk. My mom says i have to wear warm clothes to grow taller..i dont think that will help >>. Thank you.

You can see tips in a web search for “how to grow taller naturally”.

You will probably peak at a minimum height of 5’0 at 15 and hopefully it will be a bit better. If you are a late bloomer it
could be several inches better as late bloomers often grow late.

It is genetic. Though a good diet and healthy living may help, height is genetic. If you have not gone through puberty yet,
you may get taller….if you have, there isn’t much more growing that you will do. I did find a website that has
exercises….give it a try.
Good luck.

How to grow taller? or ways to make me look taller?

I am 19 years old. I am ‘5,6” and I am from the Philippines. Is there anyway I can grow taller or make me look taller? I
brought height increasing insoles but I wonder is there another way?

Tips from a Doctor with copy-right: –
Wither you are short or tall depend on race, and the average height of your living community. For example, a 5′,6”
Philippino boy living in Philippines is about normal. But you may feel short if you are living in USA with a taller standard.

In fact, a small % of male over 25 can grow taller. Therefore a boy of 19 may have a second growth spurt in slow pace. To
restart then boost up your second spurt, you are advised to consult a grow-tall Doctor. Checks out how much chance you
remain, and remove all grow-tall obstacles thus find. Improve your living habits. Boost tall seriously according to your body
condition, and the Doctor’s advice.

Milk has only 0.011-0.022% (110-220mg/liter) of calcium helping to grow tall. Teens have to consume 1500mg of mineral per
day. You have to drink 1400ml (7cups) of milk, or 750ml (3.5 cups) of high calcium milk in order to fulfill your daily
Calcium requirement.

Kefir AB milk , fish, sesame, cheese, egg yolk, nuts, tofu, and baby fish eaten whole with bone, are
good mineral sources.

Dr Edison LEE has clarified that mineral, including calcium, cannot lengthen bones that make you taller. You have to do
something to elongate your spinal column and legs, before mineral can harden elongated bones.

1.Temporary, you can wear high heel shoes, or buy insoles of 5 cm and lay them in your shoes.
2.As a body shaping, weight-control and grow-tall Doctor, I have to warn those who like to grow tall, to prevent activities
that reduce growth or hurt you easily.
3.With serious grow-tall obstacle as shown in the Source↓, you will not have growth spurt. Check out and remove them,
preferably with the help of a grow-tall specialist.
4. Fighting or play rugby roughly, for example, will easily hurt you and stop your growth. But kungfu without fighting is
5.Junk food and surplus sugar will make your saliva and blood acidic which remove mineral from teeth and bone.
6.Wine is worse for growing tall while cigarette and drug are the worst. They will reduce the pituitary gland from secreting
human growth hormone, which increase bone cells that make your bone to elongate.
7.New born bone cells are soft as meat before absorbing sufficient mineral. So your bone cannot elongate but press to grow
horizontal without space in joints. The joint space can be widening by stretch, jumping and swimming exercise. This is why
persons are usually short, wide or fat without enough good exercise.
8.Bad exercise that reduce your joint space are lift weighting, water skiing, rolling boat and etc.
9.Muscle strengthening exercise such as push up, sit up and loading will also reduce grow tall.
10.You have to grow Verticale. Exercise mainly with horizontal movement is not suitable for you. These are running,
football, bicycle, stairing.
11Long balloon releasing air can hardly be lengthening. This is why a body losing weight or slimming will reduce or stop
12The weight-control Doctor would like to gift you tips, “ It is most effective to shape yourself tall and slim ( ) at the same time, by surplus balanced food and good exercise. This is similar to blow a long balloon
with surplus air and pressure.
13.Teens who like taller have to limit to less than 5 times a week of sexual activity, including masturbation. This will
increase the secretion of sex hormone which retards human growth hormone from boosting tall.
14.You need to have a total of not less than 8-hour nice sleeping, in 1 or 2 times a day.
15.To boost-tall, take supplement with natural human growth hormone to lengthen your legs and back-bone.
16. Eat food or supplement containing natural mineral and trace elements which harden the elongated bones, making you
actually taller.
17.Too much to mention here with word-number limit. You have to visit for all tips.

Main points↓from the Source are good for you. They cannot be translated here because the granted copyright limits me to do

To increase natural HGH: 體型特高之初產婦胎盤增高中藥,天然生長荷爾蒙HGH跟人相同,∴副作用少,但Hum… Growth Hormone易受胃酸破壞,某名中醫造成進腸幾分鐘才溶解,避開胃酸破壞

Your time remaining to grow tall is short. To breakthrough in time, you have to consult a grow-tall doctor. → Scan the
epiphyseal line closure of your growth plates. Calculate your bone-age. → Determine how much chance you left for natural
grow, and chance to boost-tall → Check out and remove your grow-tall obstacles → Boost-tall according to your body condition.
Do not hesitate to email me if you need more information.
What are some sports that help you grow taller?

So I’m 13 and 5’1″ what are some sports that I can do that will help me grow taller. I already swim for 3 hours a week? Does
that add to my height?

I don’t think you can grow because of sports you play, you inherit your height from your parents basically. Anyways you’re
still young, you’ll grow eventually like at age 14 or 15

Basketball, and volley ball. These sports make you grow taller because of the movement and the exercise you do. Swimming is
cardio which works out every part of your body. Swimming and the sports listed above can make your growth patterns boost. You
will grow but not instantly. The rest is in genetics.


Me, i workout and play basketball , sister plays volleyball

I’m ASSUMING basketball, due to the fact that you’re jumping around all the time. Your body will adapt to this. look at all
the basketball players, they’re tall as shyt!

How do I grow taller fast?

I’m 14 and 5’0. I need to grow taller. Does anyone have some tips on what to do to grow taller. I know it’s in my genes. And
I will probably hit my spurt later on. But any pointers to help to stand a little straighter any thing to do to get taller.
Like what physical activities. Just some stuff that will help me look taller. Please help.

me and you are at the same age and im tall but all i know is to drink milk ,i always drink milk when i was little thats why
im tall lol :3

Stretch alot, drink alot of milk, and sit up straight. It works (;
Does methods for growing taller really work?

I would like to know this bcuz i would like to grow taller. Im 5’10 which is pretty fine but im a basketball player and all
my teammates are already taller than me. Im 16 please help, also some tips that may work thx in advance
A huge part of your height has to do with genetics. Sure there are exercises which can help you get taller but these can only
give you an extra inch or so. To help you achieve your maximum height potential, I would suggest that you eat healthy and
sleep early and use Super-Growth Height Enhancer.
What age does a teenager boy grow taller than his father?

At what age does a teenager boy grow taller than his father or same height as his father? Any answers will do.

it really depends on when you get your puberty….

Depends on the teenager boys growth spurt and depends on the fathers age. The father could be older and have some shrinking
of the bones (osteoperosis) going on. Yes, men get it to.

It all depends on how much the boy grows and how tall his father is. I grew bigger than my father when i was 13. My 16 year
old brother is still smaller than my dad. So It all depends on a wide range of things


Is there any way for a short, vertically challenged teenager to grow taller?

I’m 13 years old and I’m only 4′ 10″ or 11″ and I really want to grow taller. My parents are around 5′ 8″ and 5′ 4″. I want
to grow taller than that. Is there any way to do that?

Perhaps you can find some useful information in a web search for “how to grow taller naturally”.

Eat healthy, more protein the better.

You’ll get up there, you have about 8 more years of growing. ;]
How can I grow taller now? My height is one of the problem in my life.?

I am a male, 5 feet 2 inches tall. Recently I became 19. Is there anyway to grow taller now? Please answer this question if
you really want to help me out. Thanks in advance.

not really dude, unless theres a growth spurt waiting to happen in your genes, but youre already 19. theres no way you can
make yourself grow taller, people have been trying that for centuries. just accept that your not the tallest guy around and
find yourself a petite girl :3

No one ever believes me lol, but I used Super-Growth and I grew 4 inches in a couple months. I’m 17 years old and I used to
be 5′ 5″, but now I’m 5′ 9″. Like most people, I thought it was a scam. But one day I decided to give it a shot because I was
desperate. I actually ordered some more because I want to be at least 6′ lol.
Don’t listen to people who say it doesn’t work or it’s a scam because most of them haven’t even tried it and are very
skeptical of things like this. It’s understandable not to believe these kinds of products, but Super-Growth actually works.
You’re missing out if you think this is fake. I’m extremely satisfied with my height now and my friends are still wondering
how I grew so tall in only a few months xD

How can I grow taller? are there ways to grow taller?

I’m 14 but only about 5feet tall. I really hate being short. I wanna grow taller but I don’t know how. Both my parents are
short, so does this mean there is no hope for me?

Are there way to grow taller, other than just waiting to grow?

Drink plenty of milk, and eat milk byproducts (not processed cheese food). Also seafood. There are hormones in milk that tell
your bones to grow (just as they would have for calves) And the seafood will be rich in iodine, that will keep the bones
strong (via healthy thyroid action).

Your best hope is to accept that you’re not going to be tall. Sorry, but we can’t beat genetics. I know because I was in the
same boat you are. I’m only 5’5 and it used to bother me a lot. At your age you may keep growing for a few more years, but if
both of your parents are short, don’t expect to get taller than the tallest one. You can play around in your shoes a little
to make yourself seem a bit taller, but that can lead to back problems later in life. I know it sucks being a teen and below
average in height, but the quicker you accept it, the happier you will be.
Good luck.
How do you grow taller?

I know this is out of my control, but there must be a couple of tips on growing taller. Like exercises, diet, suplements,
anything. I’m 5’4, 15 years old, and will be moving to the States in two months, so I don’t think I need to stress on how
important this is to me. Please let me know if you’ve got any ideas. Thanks!

P.S: I’d probably be a sophomore.

Tips from a Doctor with copy-right: –

Let me gift you an Indicator:
In average, a boy of 15.5-year old is as tall as his father. This indicates wither your living habit is good or not in
average. If you are the same or taller than your father on or before your 15.5th birthday, you have a better chance to be
taller in mature, because your average habit is good. But if you are shorter than your father on or after this date, your
mature height shall be short, because your average habit is bad. If you want to be taller, you have to improve your habit and
remove all grow tall obstacle seriously.

For males of your age, the average time-limit to grow tall is about 0-month of very quick (0-6 inches per year); 12-month of
quick (0-3 inches per year); 18-month of slow (0-1 inch per annum); and 30-month of insignificant (0-0.5”/year) rate. The
rate for children in temp and hot zone is about two third of the above only! If you are early bird with voice changed, long
adult hairs or big penis before your 14th-birthday, you will stop growing earlier!

The average range of genetic adult-height of 15-year-6-month old, 5’4″ boy, is about 5’4″ to 5’9″. If you do not change
living habit, your adult height shall be about 166.6cm or 5’5.59″, according to your growth curve. Your adult height is
expected much shorter than your maximum genetic height. This indicates that you have bad habits or serious grow-tall
obstacles. If you want to be taller, they have to be check out and removed, preferably with the help of a grow-tall doctor.
For detail, visit↓source.
Common mistakes retarding or stopping you from growing fast:
1. Afraid of fat so eat less, or even lose weight
2. Do little exercise or too much unsuitable exercise such as lift weight, push up and sit up.
3.Sleep less than 8 hours daily.
4.Eat too much Junk food and sugar which make your saliva and blood acidic that etch mineral from your teeth and bone.
5.Drink too little water.
6.Do not eat enough vegetable and fruit. The total size of 3-4 times your fist daily is recommended.
7.Do not eat fish. At least one fist size of fish meat, preferably steamed, per week is needed.
8.Drunken, Smoking, or taking drugs.
9.Many others, as shown in
10.Temporary, you can wear high heel shoes, or buy insoles of 5 cm and lay them in your shoes.

New born bone cells are soft as meat before absorbing sufficient mineral. So your bone cannot elongate but press to grow
horizontal without space in joints. The joint space can be widening by stretching, jumping and swimming exercises. This is
why persons without doing enough good exercise are usually short, wide or fat.

BAD EXERCISE that reduce your joint space are lift weighting, water skiing, rolling boat and etc. Muscle strengthening
exercise such as push up, sit up and loading will also reduce grow tall. As you want to grow vertical. Exercise mainly with
horizontal movement is not suitable for you. These are running, football, and bicycling.

Main points from the Source↓are excellent for you. They cannot be translated here because the granted copyright limits me to
do so:

To increase natural HGH: 體型特高之初產婦胎盤增高中藥,天然生長荷爾蒙HGH跟人相同,∴副作用少,但Hum… Growth Hormone易受胃酸破壞,某名中醫造成進腸幾分鐘才溶解,避開胃酸破壞

Your time remaining to grow tall is short. To breakthrough in time, you have to consult a grow-tall doctor. → Scan the
epiphyseal line closure of your growth plates. Calculate your bone-age. → Determine how much chance you left for natural
grow, and chance to boost-tall → Check out and remove your grow-tall obstacles → Boost-tall according to your body condition.
Do not hesitate to email me if you need more information.
Is there any way to grow taller in age19 please answer me soon?

Hello i am an 18 year old male that is 5’5 inches tall. I live in india
I was wondering is there any chance of me growing any taller? I am taller than my mother, grandmother and grandfather by
like 4 inches. And my Father by like 1-2 inches.

I think i was an early sprouter, when i was 12 i was taller than everyone, and slowly along these years i have not grew
much, all my friends are taller than me.

Unfortunately, when i was around 12-13, i started working out, (pushups weights) but nothing vertical lifting because it
might stunt my growth.

I also consumed creatine, not too much, maybe have of 500mg.

Can this have a negative impact on my growth?

Some good news i heard from my mother was that my 2 uncles (mother side) grew again when around 19-20 years old about 3
inches more (another growth spurt)
Will this affect me?

I really would want to know how to grow taller through nutrition, diet, excersice, or other techniques (but nothing
unnatural). I am really desperate to grow taller because it is impacting my confidence because i look at my friends and
others at school at my age, and other asian males my age are all taller than me =(

It is making me depressed that i am shorter than everyone =(

I will be 19 in 3 months. Please tell me anything you can to help me!


This is an answer recently given to a similar question. The general consensus is you can do very little to grow taller. But
from what I’ve seen in this long life of mine some things always happen to make us question that assumption. For instance
when I was 13 or14, in my class was Johnna who towered over us. Suddenly it was reversed. He stopped growing and we became
taller than him as 15 and 16 year olds.
Just look at Michael Jordan. In high school he was only 5’ 9” and couldn’t make the basketball team. Suddenly his height
surged. What happened? Was his desire and thought power so strong that it galvanized such a remarkable height surge later?
Also, Arnold Schwarzenneger described himself as once being a small, skinny runt. I don’t need to say more. From my own
experiences of intensely pursuing some visualization exercises and esoteric yoga practices taught me by a remarkable
omniscient Indian guru, I really believe we have the capacity to perform changes in our bodies, appearance and in other ways.
Mine, including facial features, changed quite dramatically in just a few months by pursuing the latter many hours a day. At
the same time I was following a very strict and very healthy diet which I never wavered from and exercised a great deal, and
lead a very healthy life style. I didn’t get taller – I’m already that, but other changes that I wanted to happen, where very
noticable, even remarkable and remarked upon by everyone. Genetics do not absolutely determine anything. My parents were
small – mother 5-‘4″ father 5′-7”. I am 5′-11.5” and two brothers are taller. Remember that it’s not your immediate parents
that matter anyway – influences are from previous generations. There were tall (and short) ones in our family tree. Clearly,
the Chinese and others have now become much taller than their considerably smaller previous generations – attributed to large
changes in diet. But changes where over many generations. So though diet is of tremendous importance, to have a spurt in
gaining height in one lifetime is not on the books. But I do believe anything and everything is possible! Intense
visualization and yoga practices, which I still pursue, holds the most promise. Regarding your depression; when younger we
are hypersensitive about everything. I suffered a lot because I was a puny kid and a misfit. I Am grateful now because it
made me start seeking within. I also came across wonderful teachers, inspirational books that totally transformed me. I
recommend – The Game of Life and How To Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn. Hope this is helpful. Hope you attain great
heights! I can be emailed – (see profile)
Is there any chance to grow taller at 22 years of age?

Right now I am 5 feet 2 inch at 22 yrs and 5 months. I need to reach the height at least 5 feet 5 inch. It’s the minimum job
requirement. Is there any chance of me growing taller? Do you know of any ways that help me grow taller and faster?


There are some specific methods that can help you to get taller.
check these helpful methods to grow taller naturally:

Healthy diet

It’s very important to eat foods that are rich in proteins.
Some examples are:
Milk, fish, eggs, and lean meat are all forms of good protein.
another recommended foods are foods that have plenty of amino acids and vitamins.
Be aware that the biggest threats to your growth are caffeine, junk food and refined sugar.

Different exercises

Daily physical exercise is also an important part of growing. Swimming for example is really great.

The meaning of less gravity in the water is more open bone areas for your body to fill them with new bone tissue. The free
motion of swimming is very light on your body and greatly releases stress, which can be very bad to your growth potential.
Swimming about 2-4 times a week it’s highly recommended if you can.

Have a good sleep

Getting a full night’s sleep each and every night is one of the most important things for growing taller..
Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night and take whatever steps you need to ensure that your sleep is uninterrupted as much
as possible.

You should also know that the first 2 hours of sleep are when the most growth hormone is released into your system from your
pituitary gland. Sleeping just a few hours can lower the amount of growth hormone your body produces, which is very bad for

Good luck

What are some ways to grow taller without gaining any weight? Is it possible?

I ate my veges+exercised for over 3 months, but still i have not even grown a cm, BUT i have gained a few kilos. I found out
that the more i worked out, the more i wanted to eat. Is there a healthy way to grow taller but yet keep ur weight as it is?
All of your answers will be greatly appreciated 😀

There are many healthy ways to grow taller naturally.


Good intake of calcium daily as found in various foodstuffs like tonned milk, banana, ragi, nachni, yogurt, my favourite
nachos with cheese..
a best way i cud advice is to have milk shakes(chocolate, coffee flavoure) 2-3 times a day as an replacement for tea, coffee
is a good alternative…

Good sleep aftr exercises helps ur bones to relax and expand.. Atlest 8hrs good sleep at night…
Remember food without exercises or exercises without food wont help you much.
Also there are genetics n familial relationships related to height.. i.e if either ur parents are short heighted or either
ur brother , sister.. than there are little chances for increase in height…BUT keep a positive attitude follow the daily
regimen of food n exercises.If you goin to gym regularly, i wud advice not to perform any weight lifting exercises…
stritctly NO..

Herbal Solutions:
Being a medical student myself, the best advice i wud like to give is ” herbal remedies”

These herbal growth remedies are found to be the permanent cure of short height. The herbal product can be bought from

The herbal product have a certain procedure for treating the short height. The herbs correct the chemical as well as
hormonal imbalances which is the actual cause of the short height. These imbalances lead to the persistent short height and
posture. The best thing about super-growth is that it is effective even after puberty.

i hope i have given the best advice to u… Hoping u mark this as best answer in the options given… take care frnd
Share the knowledge to othrs too if possible…

Your don’t grow taller from exercising. Maybe if you do exercises that build lean muscle you’ll look leaner and somehow
taller. You need to eat healthy. Right after you workout protein is a good thing to eat. And keep hydrated with lots of
excercise. Even if you eat more you can still lose weight, eat healthy foods-lots of veggies. And as long as you burn off
more calories than you take in you’ll lost weight!
What is the real and true way to grow taller?

Ok i’m just trying to make sure that there has to be a way for people to grow taller? I’m 19,5’4” and i’ve been looking for
products for a couple years to help me grow,but i found this one product called”Growth flex V’ and i want to know if it
really works and not a scam or a rip off,or a waste of money?.

Girls usually stop growing at 15 so you have probably reached your peak height already. Any further growth is likely to be

Providing you get plenty of protein, calcium and zinc you will grow exactly the same amount with or without Growth flex V.

The real and true way to grow taller is called puberty. It sounds like you’re probably done growing. I wouldn’t trust
anything that says it can make you grow taller. Nothing can do that, sorry.

you are the hieght you are. its programmed into your genes. short of surgery, there not much you can do about it. the growth
stuff is a scam and a waste of money
How can I lose weight but still grow taller at the same time?

I’m a 13 year old girl, my height is about 5 feet 1 inch, and my weight currently ranges from 98-103 pounds as it varies
depending on when I weigh myself.

I want to get a little bit slimmer, but I still want to grow taller at the same time?

Can I grow taller if I’m eating 1400-1500 calories a day?

What kinds of foods should I eat to grow taller? Are there any helpful exercises?

I’m 15 and have a same problem like u. I heard from some friends, yoga does work. And drink low fat milk at least once a day.
1600 calories + exercising 20 minutes a day is fine I think 🙂 let’s do it together. 🙂


Good luck

dont eat so much calories cauz it may help in weight gain nt in weight loose….if u want to loose weight then do good
exercise every day like cycling,walking,nd in food add salad ,fruits nd dnt eat oily nd junk food… may help u to
loosning weight
Is it possible to grow taller that my parents?

I’m 16 years old and 5’4. My dad is also 5’4 while my mom is 5’2. Is it possible for me to grow taller with things like diet
and exercise? It sorta worked for my younger brother (he’s 5’7). No answers from stupid grow taller programs and things like
‘have you used the search?’. I have used them and found a lot of answers, I just wanted to be sure.

Exercise playing sports that require jumping like volleyball and basketball, not smoking or drinking, healthy life, all these
will help

maybe if you have other relatives who are tall, but I think by 16 you are pretty much done growing, sorry. I am a girl and
much taller than my mom and pretty much everyone in my whole family, but my dad is 6’4, btw he was a lot taller than both his
parents so its possible though I am not sure how
For a 13 years old who wants to grow taller- does soccer foot-ball make one shorter ?

It is said to grow taller one should paly basket-ball ? This for a 13 years old who loves socceer.

2) it does NOT make you shorter.
3) It doesn’t make you taller either unless you do all those flexibility exercises…
4) If you wouldn’t jump in Basket ball, it would’ve made you shorter, after all you stoop so low when you dribble the ball!

Most people think that you just need to be tall to play volleyball, and that this sport does not help the human growth, which
is entirely wrong. Just the simple jumping while playing volley will increase the emission of growth hormone in your body and
the stretching makes your arms, legs and spine to grow.

How can i make my doberman to grow taller & bigger?

Hi, i have 4 months old doberman, need him to grow taller,bigger & stronger, what i have to do for that?

Feed the dog a high quality food like Orijen, Evo or Taste of the Wild and exercise him a lot. These dogs need to run. I have
a huge Doberman but that’s just how he turned out. Mine is 29″ at the withers which is actually 1″ taller then the American
standard calls for. Now, this can be considered positive or negative depending on who you talk to. One thing is for certain,
my Dobe can never be a show dog because of his size.

Now, there is no way to make a dog taller then his genetics dictate. Dogs and every other animal including people can not
pick their height. You can however make your Dobe bigger and stronger. By bigger I assume you are talking about weight and
that’s just about eating enough of a high quality food. As for strength, you need to exercise the dog. Dobermans build muscle
easily you just have to give them room to roam.


Doberman Owner

Genetics determines the size your dog will get not anything you do unless you severely malnourish the dog (creating an under
sized dog) or grossly over feed it (making it fat not bigger) The Doberman is suppose to be a medium sized dog not a tall
huge dog. The grossly oversized dogs you too often see is not how the breed is suppose to look
How do you naturally grow taller?

How can you naturally grow taller, What should i eat or drink,what exercises should i do, is there any vitamins i should

1. Eat healthy food.
2. Get a good night’s sleep.
3. Get plenty of exercise. Without exercise, nutrition goes into building fat instead of height.
4. Don’t smoke! Second-hand smoke has also been linked to reduced growth.

What and how to eat ?
whey protein, milk, yoghurt, cheese, and boiled chicken. Your bones need phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium while your
muscles need water, protein and carbohydrates to grow. Since you are growing taller, both your muscles and bones are getting
bigger and longer. Don’t waste your money or your health on drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.

Tips for healthy nutrition
1. Eat at regular hours.
2. Don’t skip any meal.
3. Don’t forget to eat breakfast. Always start the day with a well-rounded meal.
4. Take the time to taste and to chew your food well.
5. Vary your menu.
6. Avoid pastries, sweets, crisps, soda drinks – anything that has little or no nutritious value.
7. Beware of salt consumption. It can cause hypertension.
8. Eat a lot of raw vegetables and fresh juice. Choose whole wheat bread.
9. Drink six (6) to eight (8) glasses of water or vegetable juice or sugar-free juice per day.
10.You should also drink milk.
11.Eat good quality food supplements every day.
12.After each meal you should rest. Don’t start to work or exercise right after.

Have the hair style that makes you appear taller. In order to appear taller, a hair style should be thin at the sides and
higher up top, which can make you appear as much as an inch taller Avoid clothes with horizontal lines. Belts are horizontal
so make sure you conceal it in your clothes.
Avoid clothes with a tartan or checked pattern. Avoid cuffs that makes your legs appear shorter.

• Wear clothes with vertical lines or striping. Vertical lines or stripping make a person appear thinner,
and thinness in turn gives impression of more height.

Wear shoes that will make you appear taller. If you are a female, this should be easy since you can find a lot of female
shoes with 2 or 3 inches’ heels. For males, wear shoes with thick soles to add the illusion of height.

To increase your height, it is important that your blood is oxygenated as blood provides nourishment to your bones. Regular
breathing will also purify your blood. There are three phases to breathing:
1. Inhaling – take in air into your body through the nose 4 seconds
2. Retaining – hold your breath inside your body 3 seconds
3. Exhaling – blow out air from your body through the mouth 12 seconds

It is during deep sleep that growth hormone does its job of thickening and lengthening your bones. So appropriate sleeping
time (not the longer, the better) and correct sleeping posture is very important for your body to grow. Sleep is defined as a
natural periodic state of rest for the mind and body, in which the eyes usually close and consciousness is completely or
partially lost, so that there is a decrease in bodily movement and responsiveness to external stimuli.

During deep sleep, growth hormone produced by your pituitary gland is released into your blood stream and travel through
your body and causes the thickening and lengthening of your bones. Therefore, you should achieve “deep level” sleep on a
daily basis in order to coordinate your affords of exercises and proper diet. The following are some helpful tips on how to
easily achieve deep level sleep.

Sleep in a comfortable and firm mattress.
Sleep in a room that is dark, quiet and fresh smelling.
Sleep with clean, soft, and comfortable clothes.
Keep your hands and feet warm. Scientific studies have shown that warm hands and feet will help induce REM (rapid eye
movement) deep sleep. Cold hands and feet will keep you from deep sleep.
Drink a big glass of water before going to bed and when you wake up; this will help clean out your system.
Practice total relaxation and deep breathing for a few minutes before you go to bed.
Relax from head to toe. Close your eyes and relax every part of your body.
Maintain a habit of sleeping at the same time everyday, including weekends.
Sleep on your back with a flat pillow under your knees. This will align your spine properly and prevent any back aches
caused by sleeping in a bent position.

Undoubtedly, the quality, quantity, and type of food we eat affect our height, growth, and health. We cannot emphasize
enough how important your food intake is in determining how much growth you can possibly obtain. The types of food you eat
will either improve or decrease your growth potential.
After careful consideration and research, the daily content of protein, carbohydrates, fats and water can be achieved if the
following items were taken regularly.

Carrots Fish Liver
Egg Yolk Beef Red Meat
Milk Cheese Apples
Green Vegetables Potatoes Nuts
Yellow Vegetables Almonds Bananas
Peanuts Chicken Beans
Peas Salt 6-8 glasses of water per day

If you eat a lot of peanut butter, your height will not necessarily stop. Neither does masturbation stop height.
What might stop you from growing is smoking, drugs, alcohol, lack of sleep, stress, digestive problems, or lack of exercise.

Height Growth Products : The first approved natural product for height increase is Super-Growth with this product it is possible to gain extra height increase even after puberty. Super-Growth is the
most powerful way to increase your height naturally and fast. I recommend my patients perform the things above while they on
the super-growth formula and they are very pleased with the results.
Any ways to stimulate the pituitary gland or increase growth hormone to grow taller?

I was wondering if there are anyways to stimulate the pituitary gland or to increase the amount of growth hormone to grow
taller. I haven’t grown taller in like 2 years and I’m 16 an not noticing any change. HELP PLEASE!

Munch bunch 🙂 It has a ‘special growth formula’



If a person is overweight and they grow taller, will they lose weight and become skinnier?

A friend of mine is trying to lose weight but he says that he will not worry too much. Because a friend of his was overweight
and grew taller and the weight was lost. He is assuming that it is going to happen to him as well. My friend is overweight,
if he grows taller, will he lose weight due to the growth and become skinnier?

Why/Why not?

As he grows taller he will look skinnier due to the extra height but he will nevertheless gain extra weight to match the
extra height.

If he stays the same weight as he gets taller, he technically is losing weight, and it should be more ideal for his new
How to grow taller without drinking milk?

I’m really short for my age, I am 4’10 and weigh 103 pounds which makes me look chubby. I know your supposed to drink milk
but whenever I drink milk, I hate the taste of it and I end up throwing up. My doctor said to eat yogurt, cheese and even
those flinestone calcium candy but nothing helps. All of my family are also short. I want to grow at least to 5’5 but that
will probably never happen. Is there any certain type of food or exercise that will help me grow taller?

Milk does not make you taller. Your doctor is mentally retarded.

There is nothing you can do to make yourself taller. It’s all in your genes.

Streching alot and dont drink coffee either until u know ur fully grown cuz it will slow ur growth


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